Welcome to Alfred Boffer Club

Alfred University's Premiere Stress-Relief Organization



Alfred University's Premiere Stress Relief Organization

The Alfred Boffer Club's mission is to provide the students of Alfred University as well as other residents of the village of Alfred with a biweekly opportunity to engage in large scale simulated combat with homemade foam weapons. 

The weapons, known as Boffer swords, are constructed from cheap materials available at any hardware store. PVC pipe, foam insulation and of course, lots of duct tape. Many of the typical one handed weapons cost less than a couple dollars to create, well within bounds for the average college students budget. 

(see: Weapon Guides for more...)

Unlike other foam sword organizations, Alfred Boffer Club does not practice Live Action Role Playing commonly known as LARPing. This is not to say role playing is looked down upon by Alfred Boffer Club, but rather to say that as an organization whose goal is to maximize total sword combat time, the role playing element would be an unwanted barrier between us and the action. 

(see: No LARP Policy for more...)

Our rules were derived from those developed at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. This provides us with a skeleton framework of basic rules that can then be molded into several game types and encourages members to invent new ways to play. 

(see: Game Database for more...)

Our meetings are casual and we do not require members to attend regularly as we understand how this can be difficult as a student. It is never too late to join, simply show up at the listed meeting times and we'll be happy to give you a quick five minute tutorial and throw you right into the action. Hope to see you there!

-Tyler Beaulieu                                                                Former President/Founder of Alfred Boffer Club


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